About Us

GAP was founded on the 12th August 1989 and is a privately owned company.

Our experience in a broad range of market sectors and technical environments has given us the capability to provide high quality, reliable technical solutions fully integrated into our clients’ businesses.

Our Service Delivery Team ensure that the best solution is made available to you when you really need it.

By bringing specialist knowledge and expertise to the key Oracle and HP partnerships, GAP has established a significant customer base including major corporations such as BT, Alliance & Leicester, BP, Carlton Group and Christian Salvesen.

We understand your industry, your need for uptime, reliability and confidentiality. Working with blue-chip companies in aerospace, banking, broadcast TV, film, distribution, publishing, retail, power, construction, auto, research, local government, law enforcement and charity, we know that every industry is different, and every client has their own culture and methods.

Our proud boast is that, since our founding in 1989, GAP has never lost a client for any reason other than the client moving from our supported platforms. We seek to build long-term relationships. We manage your systems as if they were our own.