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GAP, established in 1989, have been working with the Kofax MarkView product suite since late 2000 and have gained a wealth of experience and knowledge of the application operation, structure and functionality. GAP have been a 170 Systems Solutions Partner since 2003 and can offer unrivalled Support and Consulting services to clients for whom MarkView is a business critical application. The arrangement continues subsequent to the purchase of 170 Systems by Kofax Inc.

Management & Administration

During the initial implementation of a typical MarkView solution, new clients will be encouraged to build up the internal resources required to monitor and manage their new Kofax MarkView application, once the immediate post go-live activity has stabilised. This ongoing support function is a key component that will help ensure the effective and efficient running of the new MarkView facilities.

Some clients will have built their internal project team resources from available skilled personnel and they will have worked closely with the Kofax Consultants to ensure that they have a full and proper understanding of the application structure and operation. As a result, they will be able to provide a fully resourced and effective Administration and Management function with respect to the new MarkView application.

Other new clients, however, may not have had the luxury of available resources nor the organizational flexibility to provide this ‘pool’ of experience and once the Kofax Project Team has inevitably moved onto other customer deliveries, they may not be in a position to comfortably provide that day-to-day facility internally that the business will undoubtedly require.

GAP can offer that proactive, coordinated, skilled client-internal support service for those customers who do not wish to build dedicated MarkView administration and support resource teams themselves. Together with detailed client-side User and Systems familiarity, GAP will combine all of these attributes and present a consistent and very effective interface to Kofax themselves in relation to ALL aspects of a client’s MarkView implementation.

GAP’s MarkView Support Services

A typical client support service offering might include;

  • 1st Line/User Interface – liaison with your front-line internal helpdesk to qualify issues and reported incidents and provide feedback and assistance as required.
  • 2nd Line/Back Office Function – administration, workflow, operational and functional issue resolution;
    • User setups, Role, Group and Responsibility administration
    • System setup and configuration updates
    • Server platform and application monitoring and maintenance
    • Server application component problem resolution
    • Application software upgrades (if appropriate)
    • Hardware upgrades, assistance and reviews
    • System Monitoring and Health Checks
  • Liaison with Kofax Product Support – for 3rd line escalated software issues;
    • Management of client-side internal issues – initial qualification and fact finding, passing validated information and reports to Kofax
    • Logging of faults via SupportWeb and commitment to ensure quick responses on behalf of client as investigation continues
    • Provision of a familiar interface to Kofax Professional Services should the issue require escalation.
  • Access to GAP MarkView Consultants as a client-side resource pool for your ad-hoc project work in relation to developments and new planned new functionality to be delivered by the Kofax PS team.

GAP’s Proven Track Record

GAP has been providing remote support, management and administration services to its clients for over 25 years and can guarantee a delivery service designed to meet any customers needs.

GAP has been a 170 Systems and Kofax Solutions Partner since 2003 and are members of both the Oracle and HP Business Partner Networks

For more information, please call Phil Gardner on 0843 289 5000 or see the Contact Us option at the top of this page.For more infromation on the MarkView product itself and its vendor, Kofax Inc., please visit their website www.kofax.com

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