Security Audits


A concise audit of the key areas that can leave an OpenVMS system at risk from both deliberate and accidental breaches in security, concentrating on operating system issues rather than applications and using GAP’s own security tools.


  • Where there are concerns about existing system security.
  • Part of a regular scheduled security review.


  • A report highlighting issues in order of priority.
  • Recommendations with costs attached showing what needs to be done to bring the system up to acceptable standards.


  • Analysis of Authorisation Data
  • Account Usage
  • Proxy Access
  • Identifier Allocation

Analysis of audit to include

  • Verification of audit utility configuration.
  • Verification of procedures, contents and action.

Analysis of files to include

  • Verification of system file protections
  • Verification of user file protections
  • Verification of application file protections
  • Verification of standalone backup status
  • Verification of system backup status

General Security Issues to include

  • Evaluation of system access aspects
  • Evaluation of business continuity aspects
  • System Access authorisation procedures
  • Client specific issues
  • Evaluation of backup procedures