System Health Checks

An initial brief look at an existing system to ascertain its general state of health so that, if necessary, appropriate remedial measures can be taken.

The GAP OpenVMS system HealthCheck concentrates on the operating system rather than any specific application issues. GAP will, utilising its own set of tools, generate a report that will point out any system inefficiencies or areas that may require further investigation. The aim is to indicate the most appropriate steps to be taken so optimum system performance can be achieved with minimum cost and user disruption.

The OpenVMS System HealthCheck analysis the following aspects of an OpenVMS system:

  • Audit
  • Accounting
  • Authorise
  • OpenVMS file Protections
  • Installed software
  • Common site specific files
  • Print and batch Queues
  • DECnet configuration
  • TCP/IP configuration
  • System Storage System
  • SYSGEN parameters