System Tuning


A concise survey of the static system elements most frequently affecting performance. The survey is based on a snapshot of system parameters and performance, concentrating on operating system issues rather than applications


  • Where there are concerns about overall system performance.
  • Part of a regular scheduled performance review.
  • Where physical hardware upgrades are being considered. 


  • A report highlighting issues in order of priority
  • Recommendations with costs attached showing what needs to be done to bring the system up to acceptable standards


  • Evaluation of current physical configuration.
  • SYSGEN analysis.
  • INDEXF.SYS analysis.
  • Disk space / fragmentation analysis.
  • Directory size analysis.
  • File fragmentation analysis.
  • Memory management analysis.
  • Page / swap file configuration check.
  • Disk quota analysis.
  • Shadow and raidset analysis.
  • Verification of user quotas.
  • Any client specific concerns.